Aquarium Installation Chicago

Transform your space into a mesmerizing aquatic haven with our professional Aquarium Installation services at Big Fish Aquariums. Whether you're a seasoned aquarium enthusiast or a first-time owner, our skilled team is dedicated to bringing your underwater vision to life, ensuring a seamless and captivating installation process.

Our Aquarium Installation Process

1. Initial Consultation and Planning

Our installation journey begins with a detailed consultation to understand your vision, space constraints, and preferences. We work closely with you to determine the ideal location for the aquarium, considering factors such as lighting, accessibility, and overall aesthetics.

2. Custom Design and Aquascape Planning

For a truly unique and personalized aquarium, our design experts collaborate with you to create a custom design and aquascape plan. Whether you envision a lush underwater garden or a sleek, modern setup, we bring your ideas to life while ensuring compatibility with your chosen aquatic species.

3. Selection of High-Quality Materials and Equipment

We prioritize the use of premium materials and cutting-edge equipment to guarantee the longevity and functionality of your aquarium. From durable tank structures to efficient filtration systems and lighting, every component is selected with care to create a thriving aquatic environment.

4. Professional Installation

Our skilled technicians handle every aspect of the installation process with precision and expertise. This includes positioning the aquarium, installing filtration systems, setting up lighting, and carefully introducing aquatic life to their new home. We pay meticulous attention to detail to ensure a flawless installation.


5. Water Quality Optimization

Following installation, we focus on optimizing water quality to create a healthy and stable environment for your aquatic inhabitants. Our team conducts thorough testing and adjustments to ensure that chemical levels, temperature, and other parameters align with the specific needs of your chosen species.

6. Client Training and Maintenance Guidelines

To empower you in maintaining the beauty of your aquarium, we provide comprehensive training on basic maintenance tasks and offer detailed guidelines. From feeding routines to simple cleaning procedures, our goal is to ensure that you feel confident and capable in caring for your underwater paradise.